OMG, I’m on CloakBrand’s Instagram!

2018 was very productive, despite the slow start due to the not so great 2017. I am pleased with how it turned out. My hope is for everyone who was not so lucky that 2019 will be better.

Some highlights:


I released Jerome’s Jump.

screenshotmain jj1.png

I’m so glad I was able to complete version 0.1.0. It was not easy or cheap. It took what seemed like forever but the process was worth it.

Version 1 will be better but I don’t have a release date yet. I can tell you so far, it looks so good!!

line for webpage

I attended PAX East.pax east


I did not have as many personal life challenges this year, which freed some time for me to do things that I really want to do. This was one of them. I had so much fun walking non-stop for 3 days and see what the gaming companies had to offer. It felt like I was in a convention hall full of my people.  I will be back in March 2019. This time with more photos and a proper blog about the convention.

line for webpage

CloakBrand™  cloak

Before Christmas, I made it to the CloakBrand  Instagram. I’m stoked. You can’t tell me anything right now. *flips hair*

Go to their website and get you some gamer gear. It’s great and I am a customer, not sponsored so this is as legit as it gets.


line for webpage


Last but certainly not least, I had fun.




I worked in my spare time. I started the formation of Dark Viki in secret, which I am VERY proud of.


I decided to manage my time a little bit better in 2018, focusing on less stressful activity. That does not mean that things did not happen that was not good. It means that I had a better handle on it than I did previously. Life is not only about what you gain through your job, or how many kudos you get. Life is about being happy and enjoying the short time that we have here. Life is about living in the moment and taking time to take care of your mental health and physical well being. Life is about family and friends. Life is relaxing on that rare day off and not apologizing for doing so. Take photos. It’s okay. Some people say that our culture does it too much, and it is causing harm to our psyche. The argument may seem plausible until one day when your memory starts to fade, photos will all you have left.

My resolution is to continue on this path which has put me in the best mental space I have ever been in.

Have a healthy and happy 2019!


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