Dark Viki: An Explanation

It is 12/31/2018, the last day of the year.

Before we start out newest adventure, I wanted to give a full explanation of what this is. I will formally introduce you to Dark Viki.

This is an FAQ


What is Dark Viki?

Dark Viki is a Gris doll. Gris is another name for an amulet. It is normally in the form of a bag but sometimes can present itself in a form of a doll, like Viki. The purpose is to protect the holder of the bag or in this case, the person the doll emulates.

viki gif

What does Viki do exactly?

Viki isn’t breathing or speaking. The doll is a “holder”. Inside it contains a soul, pieces of the person who it is designed after among other things to aid in protection. Viki has its own tarot which has depictions of it in different stages. Whenever it feels threatened, it activates by turning on its headphones. Once it is activated, Viki pulls out cards to read the aggressor. Viki has to carry out whatever the cards tell it to do, even if the result ends in someone’s demise.

Why does Viki look this way?

Viki is designed to entice. The doll is modeled after an adult woman, therefore not wearing attire that suggests that it is childlike. Viki also has the body dimensions of an adult woman, including hips and breasts, despite being the average size of a commercial plushie. Viki’s design would amuse MOST people. Its primary colors are purple (various shades) and black.

Purple, although a masculine color is employed for protection, power, legal matters, divination, progress, the breaking of bad luck, the access of higher realms, driving away evil, to stop gossip or lies, material wealth, spirit contact and to enhance spiritual and psychic powers. Source

Viki is a darker skin doll (made after the woman it was designed after) The attire originally was lavender and dark purple with black hair, sometimes braided. This changed after Viki’s very first card reading which included the death card, which it was required to cause the recipient to die unexpectedly. After that, Viki’s colors turned black with only highlights of purple. Viki wears lighted headphones to accessorize but uses its ability to light up as a form of communication.


Explain the missing nose and mouth.

Viki is a holder. It is technically not alive and breathing so it can’t be killed. This would deem a mouth and nose unnecessary outside of aesthetics. Viki’s physical form can be destroyed, but this would allow the soul contained inside to escape and transfer itself to something else (most likely in similar colors). It is more beneficial for Viki not to be damaged so that everyone would know the whereabouts of what’s contained at all times. The only way to “deactivate” Viki is for the person whom Viki is designed after destroy it voluntarily. An involuntary disassemble would garner the same effects as if someone else destroyed it.
A nose or mouth is not required forms of communication. A famous example of this is Hello Kitty. She does not have a mouth and according to the creators, she isn’t even a cat per se, she’s actually a kid. This is despite the fact that she looks like a cat and is called Kitty.

Source: Hello Kitty is NOT a Cat

How does Viki communicate?

Viki produces diary pages. When it encounters things in the present or documents what happened in its past human form, Viki writes it out in an ancient language. The Ancient language is traditional spiritual language, which few people currently alive have mastered. Viki writes diary entries on parchment paper so it is not easily transferable.

How did Viki form?

Viki is a real-life doll that resides currently in New York. It is everything that was described in previous answers.

unnamed (1)

Viki’s physical design originated from a story that was fan fiction of AntiSepticeye. Viki was a puppet that AntiSepticeye crochet that looked similar to someone who was a follower of Anti.


The follower’s soul left after they died from abuse and found its way inside Viki whose job is now to protect it.

Where can I find Viki’s posts?

Like everyone else in this current generation, the best way Viki felt that it could communicate currently was through Tumblr.

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