It’s been a while since I posted a new blog. I apologize for that. Life has taken dramatic turns since then. I don’t want to get too much into it right now; since it is sensitive. I’ve been active on other social media the whole time I’ve been absent from here. Was that time the most productive? I cannot say that it was and be honest with you. There were entirely too many stressful distractions.

A pandemic, family, loved one’s obligations and losses put me in a low place in the past two years. Add this to the increasingly difficult task of being an independent artist in an economy that took a nosedive. That has caused me to prioritize my daily living expenses, which continue to increase despite the emergency. That left me with less to invest in my work. Adulting is difficult sometimes.

To deal with some of my losses, I went to the medium that calms me the most, art. Most of you know me for writing, but many people who have known me forever remember that I have been in the abstract art creative space for a very long time. I do this when I go into periods with writers’ block. It is a satisfying way to fill the time while keeping my creativity sharp.

In the time I was absent, I made ten paintings. I did some experimenting with different methods and mixtures as well as base textures. I have now become very fond of painting on cloth.

I feel that I want the world to look at these works. I had the same passion for my books, so much that I was willing to get as many eyes on them as possible for practically nothing. Rude Boy USA was a labor of love, and I am so proud of what it did and how much it has entertained me while creating it and others who read the series so far.

I will be selling these artworks very soon. You will have a choice between physical works or NFT ( Non-fungible token).

I will keep you informed on where to purchase them. All of the paintings are portraits of well known figures.

Preview listings on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/accounts/Hairummat
Preview Listings on Artrepreneur (Scan QR Code)

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