Exciting Changes Ahead!!!

It’s been an interesting 2017 so far with many ups, downs, delays, tragedies and surprises. There are only about 90 days left in 2017 and from the looks of it, 2017 will conclude on a high note.  I have some exciting updates coming very soon, right in time for the holidays. In November, I will be making an announcement about the expansion of Hairummat. As you know Hairummat Books is the publishing imprint that The Rude Boy USA series was released.  hairummat logo transparent

Some things have changed. First Hairummat Books logo has been updated! the original logo was a homage to the H train in New York City.


I have expanded Hairummat and now it is under Hairummat Entertainment. Hairummat will house all things affiliated with works from Victoria Bolton and Rude Boy USA. Including the Zazzle store, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud pages. Hairummat’s website will be launching next month. This website will also be a subdivision of it.


Under Hairummat Entertainment, is Hairummat Books and Hairummat Movies. hairummat_movies final The script and movie treatment for Rude Boy USA is now housed under Hairummat Movies. Next month, I will announce the third subdivision of Hairummat Entertainment and I think that you will enjoy it.

Also the covers of Rude Boy USA and The Rude Boy USA trilogy have been updated. The classic cover is still available in some places.

rbusacoverredotrilogy cove redo

I am happy that you have been with us throughout this journey and I am excited that you are here to see it grow.

Sometimes, when we work towards a goal or a dream, life wants to throw roadblocks at us to test how bad we want things to happen. Hairummat is the result of years of hard dreaming, creative thinking, planning, replanning and even more replanning.  At some point, all of the struggle and sometimes frustration will pay off. My advice is to keep going and don’t give up. Your project is your baby. No matter how much the world may want to mess with your baby, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your baby grows and be the best it can be. That’s what I am working on, for your enjoyment!

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