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Experience breath taking fascination with Rude Boy USA virtual art gallery

U.S.A – 11 April, 2017 – Are you a book reader who desire fascination and thrills , an art enthusiast of thrilling artworks or a pop culture junkie who desire nothing but the best? Then you most definitely need to come and experience the best of virtual art gallery about Rude Boy USA; a book series by Victoria Bolton.

Enjoy Rude boy USA series themed artworks from 15 countries at the Rude Boy USA art exhibition. All three books in the stunning ground breaking and award winning Rude Boy USA trilogy by Victoria Bolton are available together for the first time!

The virtual gallery about the book series Rude Boy USA excellently captures the love, betrayal, friendships and gang connections that simmer beneath the atmosphere of the 1960s in New York City. This book is highly recommended for fans of historical novels and mob stories.

The collection in the gallery includes: Rude Boy USA, Bunnywine and Tide is high; all written by Victoria Bolton.

This is perfect for gift givers, e-book collectors and fans new to the series.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/419822496/original/rudeboyusa4.png,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/419822426/original/untitled.png

The virtual gallery is available online at

or view it live on YouTube at:
Video Link:

About the Author

Victoria Bolton, the author of Rude Boy USA series, the first installment published December 2015 has gotten a tremendous amount of positive response from readers all over the world.

She is a single lady who writes novels and works during the day for little money.  She finds it hard to believe how successful she has become doing what she loves.

As a little girl all she wanted was to get married with three kids, own a cat, be a nurse and an astronaut but life took her to the brighter part. She used to wear glasses and freak out at the slightest sight of too much blood now she is writing about interesting fictional characters that have changed her life.

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