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Thank you to PAPER Magazine for featuring Rude Boy USA.

Why you should read Victoria Bolton, Rude Boy USA ?

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The author of the book, Victoria Bolton is a popular name nowadays because of the amazing work that has been delivered. There are not many authors that have been so consistent in delivering such interesting crime thriller books and if you love reading such books, then you should definitely go for Victoria Bolton, Rude Boy USA.

In the year 1960s, the crime rate in New York had become very high. The Rude Boy, USA is based on story of this time. At this time, there were many gangs in the city that wanted to top the charts of power in the underworld and this is where things start turning to be interesting. The Rude Boy, USA is based on a gang that is trying to sit as the most powerful one in a world that is full of sex, corruption, drug addicts and murders.

This is a book that has been well researched and it is because of this fact only that Bolton has been highly admired by the readers. The book is written in a way that it describes the conditions of the time very well which the readers can understand and picture easily. Not many books of today’s time are written in such a way and with so much detail. The book revolves around a sub story of loyalty and has also a sense of romance and love associated with it, in certain aspects.

The Victoria Bolton, Rude Boy USA has something for every reader and is hence such a big hit. It is a story that you must read. The book is a must read as it is interesting throughout, right from the start to the very end. If you would love reading about the workings and lifestyle of the families of gangsters then you should go for this book. The book has got its fact very much right especially about the small details of the New York City in the 1960s.

The characters in the book have been framed very well and have been detailed excellently by the author. You start believing the characters as real people from the very start and this is what makes this book special. The variety in terms of genre and their connectivity in different sections of the book is well framed by the author. A must read for all lovers of crime thrillers and will surely surpass your expectations.

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