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It’s been awhile since I had a Q&A session. This time the questions are coming from World News. See it on their site here!

5 Questions with Author Victoria Bolton


Posted, 2017-03-05

Via WN

Here are the five Questions with Author Victoria Bolton

You took inspiration for a couple of your characters from real people. Were you ever worried about pushback?

No. Most of the story was already done before I made changes weeks before publishing. Was John’s character fashioned after someone real? Yes, but the foundation was already there. I am not sorry about that. I think this particular person comes out great here and his storyline is fully fleshed out and makes a great character. You can never say sorry about creating that guy. John’s character is that dude, the kind of character audiences remember and want to emulate. So is Bunny Celia.

 What is it about the John and Bunny (Celia) storyline that you think people enjoy?

It’s messy, for lack of a better explanation. Look I am going to make a comparison. One of my favorite shows is Scandal. I will use Fitz and Olivia. People fell in love with the thought of those two being together. Despite Fitz’s life circumstances, none of that mattered.  It is a somewhat similar storyline to what we have situation wise. People gave them a nickname; they cheered for Fitz and Olivia when they finally got together. People watch for Olitz to get back together eventually. I know I do. It’s the same thing here except our story ends better for John and Bunny. It’s a certain magic in a story that is hard to come by. If it were a smooth and clean romance with some boring Joe Shmoe, people would be bored to death. I know I would.  I wouldn’t even bother to write it, to be honest.

Why write a Mafia story instead of something more inspirational?

I wrote the story I wanted. There are a million inspirational books already out there that people are not supporting, so why write another one? It’s like the person online that goes into every thread about people with wealth and asks them why they don’t donate to charities when they haven’t given one penny or single minute themselves.

This is the kind of novel that I wanted to write all of this time, and I did it. Perhaps in the future, if something else comes to mind that fits the spiritual genre then I will write it when the times arises.

As far as the characters are concerned, Bunny’s character is what I see myself as, to be honest, and I wanted her to have a great story and a great guy, and she got it. I make no apologies for anything I wrote. If you want something more inspiring then, by all means, support those writers.

Why write a fourth book in the series?

There were a lot of unanswered questions mainly because Rude Boy USA book one starts off when the guys are already successful. I went into some of their back stories but not enough of the founder Bernie’s story, so the prequel will be focused on him. Of course, I will put some of John, Ben and Jerome’s very beginnings, stuff that you don’t see in the other books in there. It will also be a shorter book than the other three. It’s an introduction. I have no release date yet, only because I am trying to get this film thing going.

What is on your desk right now?

A pile of post-its and papers with notes on it about the next book. I cannot do a computer program like everyone else who organizes their novels. My thought process when writing is scrambled. My Surface computer is sitting on top of all of that.



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