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If you are not familiar with the Rude Boy culture it is quite normal as it was much more prevalent in Jamaica and the UK. The Rude Boys and Rude Girls culture originate from the poor section of Kingston, from the Jamaican street. It can be understood to equate a gansgsta or a badman. In the early sixties it was associated to a music style called Ska. In the late seventies when it finally made its appearance in England the Ska had been replace by reggae.

Today the rude boys and rude girls expression meaning changed to now represent the people who are fans of the style. The Rude Boys use to disrupt competitor’s dance happening and violence, most of the time, surged and led these young men to be referred to as dancehall crashers. The dress code associated with the Rude Boys saw these young men wear dapper suits, thin ties with pork pie or Tilby hats. It showed the influence that some American jazz and soul artists had on the movement.

Some artists elected to directly address the Rude Boys phenomena by either challenging or supporting it. The American cowboys and gangster of those years, both contributed to shape the final image of the Rude Boys. Through the introduction of a new book Rude Boy USA, Victoria Bolton is telling the story of young multi-racial guys who all want to get “a piece of the action” from others gangs in New York. They want to establish their presence and significance in a tough environment and awaken other gangs to their presence. Victoria Bolton goes through the story of an American black playboy waitress who become of unfortunate reasons end up wanting to become a new member of the gang.

The movie is not that different than most of the currently very popular resurgence of the mafia gangster type movie, it has depicts great action, some humor, highly characteristic individuals and obviously numerous scenes of violence. It is not about the traditional difficulties that minority people have gone through, as we are all familiar with and have seen numerous movies about it, but rather about young multi-racial men and women who considering the environment and “business” they have decided to create for themselves are doing relatively well.

They obviously live dangerously and do go through difficult time, but enjoy the good times that making good money quickly brings them. Ultimately the young men with their Rayban glasses and debonair look want to be feared and admired. When one of the member of the gang begins dating the Playboy waitress it brings tension and friction between the gang members. Rude Boy USA, Virginia Bolton makes up for an interesting read and a very swell and captivating movie. It is a different story about the impact on a gangster life when a women wants to become one of the boys and especially when not all of the gang members are either ready or in agreement with it. It also shows the reaction of other gangs as a reaction to the success of the Rude Boys.


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