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The Rude Boy USA Trilogy. A must read for the crime fiction lover

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The Rude Boy USA Trilogy, a story about a multi-cultural group of mobsters, has taken the literary world by storm.

At times the read is very harsh, violent and scandalous but never uninteresting. You will find yourself either shocked, blushing or crying at the sudden twists and turns that occur throughout.

Critics have praised the series as “A provocative and direct hit!” and it has landed as a best-seller on Amazon as well as a Reader’s Favorite Award winner.

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The series takes inspiration from Rude Boy culture made famous in Jamaica and parts of England in the 1970’s. However, this new version of the once popular subculture gets an R-rated,North American makeover.Although the original books have received critical acclaim, Victoria Bolton isn’t quite ready to let the franchise go just yet.

Victoria Bolton took to Facebook to publicize the news of the forthcoming book, Rhodos the fourth in the bestselling crime series. This newly publicized book is set to be a prequel to The Rude Boy USA Trilogy. The original three novels — Rude Boy USA, BunnyWine, and The Tide is High are all set on and after the 1970’s. Bolton posted an early rendering of the cover although she noted that it was not finalized.

“I’m in love with this story and its characters. Everything about it is unapologetic. I can’t wait until the next one arrives. It will answer a lot of questions that readers had of the original four members.”

The premise of the books focuses heavily on multiculturalism. Although the series is considered to be historical fiction, the redesign of the standard issue mafia setup is a breath of fresh air in these times, where multiculturalism is now being challenged by certain segments of the voting population.

The third book in the series, The Tide is High is politically focused with one of the central characters, Mario Pasquale exhibiting resemblances to the famous New York City 1990’s Rudy Giuliani, who is in the running for the Secretary of State position in Donald Trump’s administration.

“There are similarities, but I think that the Mario Pasquale character holds his own in the story. Of course, he is polarizing and is blatantly honest with his observations in the story. He does things that he knows will get him ahead in the game. It definitely presents a few challenges to the main characters. Some may call them prejudices and harsh criticism but then again if I watered it down, it would not feel authentic hence the comparisons to the mayor. He is what he is. It’s a superiority complex about Mario.”

The Trilogy bundle is now available for purchase with anew cover design for ebook readers just in time for the holiday season.

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