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However, when a criminal or any of mobster gets fired or caught, they loses everything, sometimes, even life. Spent her teenage years, in pretty much violence of Englewood and Roseland, in 1990’s, Victoria Bolton in her book BunnyWine (Rude Boy USA Series Book 2) has tried to thrown light on such miserable lives and difficulty which such “mobsters” face even when they try to mend their ways after repenting. It is a 70’s story.

Who happily breaks the law of his/her motherland? Who without hesitation cause death or any injury to other person? Who likes to cause damage to any person by stealing or harming his/her valuables? Well, no one. According to several studies, during times of severe economic instability and depression the crime rate increases. It is so because starving and/or homeless people need to stay alive, just as the rest of us. It is their right. Furthermore, the social pressures associated with our so-called, modern society too cause persons who would otherwise not be mobsters to commit one or two or more criminal acts against their own fellow human beings.

The legal system of any country is usually for the purpose of well-being, protecting fundamental rights & the property of the citizens within that country. From a moral and humanity point of view, these persons are not at fault. They should be made able to find honest work within each & every country on Earth. Millions of persons get by on our Earth simply by growing &/or hunting for their own food. However, when such means of survival is not available to a starving person or such person seeks what he or she believes is the best and way to get rich quick, those people end up being mobsters, even if they’re not arrested & punished for those crimes. So, to large extent, state and govt both are to be blamed; they are responsible. However, not every time…

There is another group of persons who commit offenses because they actually enjoy doing what they are doing to others. Yes, you heard it right. You better believe that every place on Earth does contain at least one such person who gains pleasure from the infliction of harm to other person. The rapist, the serial killer & other similar offenses that inflict torture or death to others is too regarded as insane criminal behavior, but is much more severe than the offense committed under above mentioned state.

Whether one commits offence owing to starving or pleasure, what is the sin of the victim. Nothing! So why should he or she should suffer. Here are some ways to prevent offence and help “John and Bunny escape the life they are living”:

  • Connect everybody in the community (especially youth) to program or activities that aid them find positive and right ways to spend their spare time. After schools’ programs, tutoring centers, part-time job, & volunteer opportunities go a long way toward keeping young & adolescents away from negative and wrong influences (especially mobsters who first try to be friendly for the purpose of sweetly insisting to join them. Happened bit same in “BunnyWine” too).
  • Make a Neighborhood Watch or a community patrol which works in collaboration with local police. A trusted neighbour who keeps a special eye on your home is one of the best crime and mobsters deterrents.
  • Get bit creative and innovate. Ask your city council to pass an anti-noise ordinance, and amend housing codes to bring some great changes. These few actions can help to create an inhospitable environment for criminals, & will cause them to leave on their own.
  • Work with educational institutions in your area to establish (& enforce) drug-free, gun-free zones. You can too collaborate with recreation officials to do exactly the same for parks.
  • Ceate & distribute a list of local organizations which can provide counseling, job training, guidance, & other services that can benefit people in the community.
  • Report any suspicious activity to police. Cooperate with it by providing statements & witness testimony if you’ve information that can lead to the apprehension of a criminal or mobsters.
  • Go and locate crisis centers, support groups, & service hotline numbers & make these resources available to those who are victims of crime of mobsters. Help those who have been affected by violence, so they can recover as quickly & completely as possible.
  • Do not turn a blind eye to crime in community.
  • Begin a weekly discussion group. It can be as minimal as a regular gathering at a neighbor’s house to share ideas and communicate with each other about what you see going on in the community. This also provides great opportunities to update your neighbors on your current schedule, or let them know if you’ll be out of town.
  • Express full support for funding & effective implementation of community wellness programs & events by writing to elected officials.


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