Updates 8-11-16


First I would like to thank everyone who has supported the Rude Boy USA Series in the past couple of months. The book is now in more places than ever and continues to get the attention of the reading public. I am very proud of the entire project and will continue to work to bring you good stories.

On August 12th, BunnyWine will be available worldwide.

book jacket  large

This website, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo as well as Amazon and other online retailers will have the kindle version ready for you to read.

The Tide is High, the third book in the Rude Boy USA series will be available on August 30th on iBooks, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. Amazon in September.

More book spotlights and blog postings coming soon as the release date for The Tide is High and the RBUSA Trilogy kindle arrives. The website also will get a major upgrade from its current blog format. I kept it this way initially so that updates could be easily found.

Tell your friends who are interested in the series to follow this blog. They will not regret it!

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