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Rude Boy USA

By Victoria Bolton

Genre: Crime Fiction

Book Description

Say good-bye to the era of godfathers. The Chimera Group has put a new face on organized crime.

Mob boss Bernie Banks and his associates—John, Ben, and Jerome—differ from your ordinary Sicilian and Irish mob families. Two white, two black, they style themselves after the Rude Boy culture made popular in Jamaica.

Operating as a shell investment company supported by illegal activities, the Chimera Group hopes to become as powerful as other crime families and gain respect from the Cosa Nostra. Bernie, a war veteran of Jewish and Greek descent, begins his business in his apartment and grows it into a multimillion-dollar empire. He and his crew resemble a more sophisticated subculture of urban street gangsters with their Ray-Ban sunglasses, loafers, and debonair style. But they want fear and admiration.

Their efforts draw the attention of the rival Ambrosino family, and they face internal strife when one of the associates begins dating a former Playboy Club waitress who wants in on the group.

Will they make it to the top, or will they fall?

  1. Can you tell us a little about yourself (not in the bio)?

I am single and work as a computer tech during the day. I write in the evenings. I used to be in the Air Force many years ago and I act in tv and movies sometimes whenever I have free time. I have had mixed results with my acting when it came to the response.

I wrote my first story back in 1996 and it was an interesting project for me. The idea came after watching a friend make a series of mistakes that I did not want to emulate. I could have continued to write more but I felt that I needed to live life a little longer so I can have better stories.

  1. What is your guilty pleasure, I can’t miss it TV show?

House of Cards, Mad Men, Orange is the New Black. I like shows that mirror real life so I am big on Netflix right now. I love the documentaries. I loved all of the OJ Simpson specials. I even love Project Runway because of the design element. I can binge watch a series in a weekend.

  1. What is one bad habit you would like to break?

Consuming fried foods. I’m also shy and a procrastinator. I can’t say that I like being any of those things. I’m working on that because I am almost sure that those qualities have cost me relationship opportunities.

  1. If you could go anywhere real or fictional where would it be?

I used to want to visit places in Africa and even Europe, places that I’ve read about in books since I was a teen but the world is so different now and not necessarily safe. Hopefully that will change soon. I’m not that brave.

  1. What is your favorite genre to read?

I like modern history books, when I read I like to learn new things.

  1. Who is your favorite author?

I don’t have one favorite author. I like lots of authors because there are so many good ones.

  1. Paperbacks, hardcovers, or ebooks?

Hardcovers are great design pieces but are not practical for every day because they are heavy, at least not in today’s world. I like the idea of ebooks because they are less taxing on the environment but holding a paperback makes a book intimate.

  1. When you start writing do you follow a ‘traditional’ writing process or do you just write and then go back and then solidify everything?

I just write then go back and solidify. I start off with a blank Word document and start typing. Eventually the story falls into place. My writing for this series involved a lot of research, countless hours of verifying information to make sure that the story made sense.

  1. Do you currently have anything in the works?  If so can you give us any hints?

I wrote a book twenty-one years ago called Looking for Mr. Potential. I self-published it in 2000. I am re-releasing that next year. I recently looked at it and to be honest, I loved the story but I cringed so hard. Spelling and grammar errors, bad editing etc. the cover was in your face. You can tell that an eighteen-year-old wrote and released it. The goal is to do a real edit because it sounds dated and redesign including cover and relaunch it.

  1. If you could only give one piece of advice whether it be worldly, writing, or common sense what would it be?

Follow your gut. Your gut is your built-in alarm system, it’s where your confidence comes from. My gut told me that this is a good story that people may enjoy it so just do it. It’s your project that you are solely designing. I am used to people who have doubts about some of my decisions. I grew up with that. However, in the past year and half, I have experience the absolute worst case of salty friends, strangers and co-workers. If this was five years ago, I would be drowning in a pool of tears because in my mind back then, I thought that people were better than that. I think at some point, something in me changed and wised up. There were many people who were trying to discourage me from even writing this series because they found issue with what I was writing. They didn’t like the subject matter; they didn’t like my choices in who I chose to muse my characters after because for whatever reason they were jealous of the guy. Others wanted me to just be quiet and blend in. It was crazy. I am not a person who cares about peer pressure so I just kept going with my work. I figure that if there is this much pushback then I am on to something.

Author Bio

My name is Victoria Bolton and I live in Westchester County, New York. I am a graduate of the College of Westchester, and I work as a computer technician in schools and is a part-time actress. I previously released the book Looking for Mr. Potential under the pen name La’Ketta T. Bolton in 2000 as well as the sequel to Rude Boy Usa, BunnyWine. I am currently working on the third installment of the Rude Boy USA series.

@bunny_celia (Twitter)

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