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I am introducing you to the sequel to Rude Boy USA. It is titled BunnyWine. Here is the nifty descriptions from Amazon.com and the back of the book.

Amazon.com description

John LeBlanc’s ready to end his lawbreaking ways, but he can’t escape the reach of the crime family he used to lead.

Victoria Bolton’s back with BunnyWine, the sequel to Rude Boy USA. Bolton revisits John and the murderous Chimera group as its members leave more bodies in their wake.

John, who creates a wine based off of Playboy Club Celia “Bunny” Jones’s rise to crescendo, moves to Jamaica and marries Bunny after their company becomes successful. He gives up his life as a mob boss to become a respectable businessman and market BunnyWine as Bunny adjusts to not getting the life of a gangster’s wife she was expecting.

John may be gone but he’s not forgotten, and ambitious criminal prosecutor Mario Pasquale, whose goal is to rid New York City of the mob, strikes a deal with jailed Chimera member Ben Berardi to let him out of jail in exchange for any information he can get on John. But when Ben falls into old and dangerous habits, the body count starts to rise.

Can John and Bunny escape the life they used to live?

Back of the book description.

The Chimera crime family, once bent on earning respect of the criminal organizations of New York City, is done. But that doesn’t mean the killing is over.

Crime boss John LeBlanc ditches his post as crime boss and moves to Jamaica with his wife Bunny to run a company producing BunnyWine, a wine based on Bunny’s rise to crescendo. Now saved from his sins and ambitiously interested in politics, he gives new life to the Chimera name and becomes a respectable businessman.

Ben Berardi, Chimera’s other living member, remains in jail on drug and weapons charges. He has a chance to get out, but it will mean exchanging information on his former crime partner for his freedom. Leaving his murderous past once he’s out isn’t something easily done. But messing with Bunny’s man? That’s one mistake he’ll soon regret.

Follow the action BunnyWine, the thrilling sequel to Rude Boy USA.

That sounds cool doesn’t it?

I think it stays true to the story and yet allows the characters to grow. The setting is in the early 1980’s and located in both Kingston Jamaica and in New York City. Still more chaos just like book 1 with a few surprises. I hope that you enjoy this one as much as you do book 1.

I am planning a blog tour for this m book in the coming months. Since Rude Boy USA has finally taken off, I will give that one some time to shine. If you have already read book 1 then this is your chance to get a head start on book two. You will not be disappointed.

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