Wash your filthy mouth out with soap young lady.

Okay yes, there is a LOT of profanity in both books. In every popular gangster themed movie, they are all happily cursing and guess what, a few of them are listed in the top ten movies of all time. There is also sex in these books, because you know, they are humans and a few of them reproduce.

There are controversial racial subjects and misogyny in the books also. That was real life in the 60’s and 70’s. Remember when Archie Bunker used to rule TV at one point? One thing to remember is to not look at the story with a 2016 politically correct eye.

This entire post is sarcastic but on purpose. The point is not to censor yourself when you are creating your art, no matter what the opposition. You can apologize but stay true to your vision.

Censorship sucks.

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