Thank You!

Pacific Book Awards 2016 Winners

Rude Boy USA Amazon Page

The past 30 days have been fantastic for Rude Boy USA. First, I held a free promotion for Friday May, 13th. It was to celebrate the release of Rude Boy USA’s sequel, BunnyWine (Now available on paperback and Kindle on

Over 10,000 people downloaded the book placing it in the number 1 spot for the organized crime and number 2 in the murder category. It peaked at number 17 overall in the free downloads for the day out of millions of books.


On Friday May 20th, Rude Boy USA won its first literary award from Pacific Book Review!!!


It won the Pacific Book Award in the Best Crime category. That means that I have to update the cover with its new seal which is a pleasure.

Thank you everyone for their support (and non-support) every little bit helps. I am currently working on my next book in the series which will be the final in the Rude Boy USA trilogy. I am also working on ideas for a standalone book. Pacific book awards seal Transparent backgroundRude Boy USA new cover

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