Jerome’s Jump!

It’s been awhile since I did a blog. Shame on me. I promise I will get better with this in 2018. I just have to make out my strategy. You will read more about my thoughts (I promise to not take it entirely too far though, but it will be entertaining.) Here is a quickie. I … More Jerome’s Jump!

That moment when your fictional character is “Too Sexy.”

Some of you who know me personally know that I have had my chest issues. Not medical issues, but social issues. I once got into some trouble because of my boobs (and yes I am using the slang term.) Some people don’t like me to talk about it, but I think this specific issue is … More That moment when your fictional character is “Too Sexy.”


This is a special Halloween post! Hey, it’s Victoria! I was tagged in the #allhallowswrite challenge. Thank you to  SAM KASSÉ for starting it and thank you to Jenna Moreci for tagging.  Go to Sam Kasse Tumblr  here! Go to Jenna Moreci’s Youtube Channel here!   Welcome to the ALL HALLOWS WRITE tag! The Rules: #1 – … More ALL HALLOWS WRITE!