Rude Boy USA Global Art Exhibit is now open!

The Rude Boy USA FAN* Art Exhibit is now open! View the video below.

* Fan art with bunny suit is NOT an official representation of Playboy Enterprises. Illustrations are fan interpretations of story characters only.

The Rude Boy USA book trilogy now has its own virtual art gallery.

To see the books

click here.


Navigate the Half Moon Gallery yourself CLICK HERE!

The Gallery will do a walkthrough once before you can manually control it. Here is a view of the controls. On the left is the navigational pane where the picture labels will also appear. On the right are the movement controls. Mouse click and drag the feet within the circle to the direction you want to walk. Drag the head to the direction you want to look.

navigation menucontrols


My first experience as Curator.

I wanted to do a book trailer, you know those 30 second visual videos about your book. I love those and I think they are effective.  However, I was sent a drawing of Bunny Celia that changed my plans. It was this one from Sankha Mazsumdar.


The new drawing was a dramatic upgrade from my very first sketches of her back in 2015. One was done in Microsoft paint and the other drawn on white copy scrap paper.  I used the one in the blue for the back cover and promotional artwork.  The new drawing stayed true to her look.


This new sketch gave me an idea. I wanted to see more images of the characters. I decided to gather a collection but instead of me doing all of the artwork, (which would take forever) I wanted to get fan/audience participation. I did not want only people in my direct contact who read the books do portraits of the characters, I felt that more people outside of the US should get involved since the series biggest audience is overseas. I did a call and response online and received unexpected positive feedback. At the most I wanted 10 pictures, but by the opening of the gallery, 36 were chosen (including the one of me holding the books.)

Artists that participated in the creation of this gallery

Half Moon Gallery Created By: Stefos (Greece)

Picture Artists

Sankha Mazsumdar –  India (Note: It says Indonesia in the gallery. That is incorrect.)

Victoria Bolton/Fan Submitted (Anonymous) – USA

Alex Koncevoy – Russia

Ronvil – USA

Conrad Ruiz –  Philippines

Deronde – South Africa

Sebastian Cárdenas – Mexico

Mohammad Jamaludin Firdaus – Indonesia

Zunaya – Hong Kong

Marilena Wu – Italy

Ron Amis – Ukraine

Samuel J. – United Kingdom

Fan Submitted (Anonymous) – France

Gallery Music By:



(c) copyright 2012 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial  (3.0) license. Ft: Pradio & Leza Boyland

Playboy Bunny is copyrighted by Playboy Enterprises.

Note: The works are not for sale, gallery visit is FREE and visual similarities to persons or things are coincidental.


For those who may have trouble viewing or navigating the virtual gallery, I have also loaded the photos here with brief commentary on each photo.

Click on each photo.




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